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Support Board - PHP Chat ( Support Board is an intelligent chat platform created to enhance customer support and marketing functions. It provides a range of features to automate customer interactions and a chat system specifically designed for conversational marketing. This allows businesses to save time, boost revenue, and seamlessly integrate with their preferred software solutions. We integrated Support Board to our website with Dialogflow and OpenAI API (GPT) to provide automated customer support.
Formspree - Form submission handler ( Formspree is a form submission handler that allows website owners to collect form submissions without any backend coding. It is easy to set up and provides an intuitive dashboard for managing form submissions. Formspree also offers advanced features such as spam protection, file uploads, and custom email templates.
Dark Mode script integrated by CloudFlare Apps ( Dark Mode is a free and open-source script that allows website visitors to switch between light and dark mode on a website. The script is designed to be lightweight and easy to use. We were able to add this script to our website using our DNS provider, CloudFlare. The script was created by Hassan Akaou.
Bootstrap - Front-end framework ( Bootstrap is a free and open-source front-end framework for creating responsive, mobile-first websites. However, the template was created by us, while incorporating some elements. Bootstrap is used by many web developers and designers around the world to create visually appealing and user-friendly websites quickly and easily.
Random User API - User Data Generator ( Random User API is a free and open-source online tool that allows developers to generate random user data for their applications. This API can be used to create user profiles, test applications, and populate databases with mock data. It provides a range of options to customize the generated data, such as nationality, gender, and location. We used the Random User API to populate our blog post author images and for our live chat. It's a great tool for saving time and resources while creating realistic data for testing and development.